Make It Monday – Inside Chalk

It’s too rainy here to go outside and use our chalk on the pavement, so we did it inside!  We just used black paper and dipped the chalk in water to “paint” with it.



Weekend Activity – Water Colors

Color on some coffee filters with washable marker…

Add water…either a paintbrush and a cup of water to paint on filters, or a spray bottle with water in it, like we used…let dry, and…

I’m sure you could think of much better ideas than just hanging the finished project on the wall, but that’s all we got to after a crazy couple of days!

Bonus – Soup!

Our dining room is a mess.  That’s my secret.  That is how I get my kids to eat a variety of foods and have the fine motor skills to do it independently.

We let them try.  We don’t clean up during dinner (also sometimes we don’t clean up after lunch or breakfast).  Yes, we’ll probably wipe up at the end of the day or if people are coming over, but not during meal time.  We let the kids do their best, and don’t worry if their best is all over the floor.

Matthew was recently very pleased with himself after pretty successfully eating a bowl of soup.  I thought I’d share:

This is Trader Joe’s creamy tomato soup by the way (which everyone in the family is a big fan of).  He had 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich as well, which you can tell was not as popular as the soup.

On a side note, the boys have a new cousin named Catherine.  We are so excited to meet her.  I bet you want a picture, but I am on strict orders not to post a picture!!  (Just picture a really cute little baby girl with lots of pretty dark hair and eyes).  Congratulations Uncle Dan and Aunt Lizz!!!!!

Weekend Activity – Have you seen these things?

Ok, I typically don’t like to do posts that encourage you to go out and buy things.  We’re living on a budget here, and I like to use things we’d typically have on hand.  However, have you seen these things?  I’m not big into decorations, and I don’t like kiddie looking things, but my boys love these window clings.  We got some for Christmas at the dollar spot at Target, and now those are put away in a plastic container (we’ll see if they last), and we have these up (I think I got these at the dollar store – not positive).  Each boy chose their own set, and they each were able to decorate the window behind their chair in the dining room.  They love removing the little pieces and setting them up in different ways and making stories of what they made.  They even love just feeling them.  My 16 month old has actually spent much more time with his window, arranging, rearranging, feeling, pulling; he just loves it and over signs to play there.

I have found it really useful when they’re in that hungry state when the meal just isn’t ready, but its driving them crazy to watch me finish making it.  I just tell them to go to their seats and play with their window clings, and it keeps them quiet until its ready.

They’re great for fine motor development, imagination, sensory play, counting, and language.

I’ve seen them at Target and the dollar store, and for less than $3 per package.  Have you seen them anywhere?

Weekend Activity – Digging in the mud

Technically, this was Friday night, but this has been a busy weekend, so I’m counting it as our weekend activity.

We have been in the process of replacing our septic tank, which is not fun.  Well, it’s not fun unless you’re a little boy and they send an excavator to your house to dig a really deep hole for a soil test.  So, our yard is ruined (although there’s definitely an argument that it was ruined well before the excavator came), and Joe has been asking to go outside and dig like an excavator.  He has been asking at night when he should be going to bed, or when we’re in the car on the way to a class.  So, yesterday he asked to do it during a time that we were home, and it wasn’t yet time for bed, but, it was pouring!  I had said no so many times, that I decided to say yes.  It was messy and cold.  Definitely not my idea of fun, but the boys had a blast.  These picture were taken before my hands were too muddy to hold my phone.  Things got much dirtier!  Digging is good exercise, right?