Thoughtful Thursday – Questions!

My oldest is deep in the why stage.  If you’ve never experienced this, or if it’s been a while, I thought I’d give you a little insight into what life is like in this stage.  Here is a conversation we had in the car:

J:  Why does William live so far away?

me:  He lives in a different state than we live in.  He lives in New Hampshire and we live in Massachusetts.

J:  But he didn’t live far away before and now he does.

me:  That’s right.  He used to live in the same town as us, but he moved away.

J:  I know our town (tells me his name and address).  You live there and Dad and Matthew too.  But I can’t remember how to call on the phone.  What is it?  (he’s been working on memorizing his phone number – we repeat it a few times)  Like when George calls the fire department.  He presses the numbers on the phone.

me:  Yes, but not the same numbers.  The numbers we said only call our house.  George dialed the emergency number.

J:  what is it?

me:  911.  You only call that number if its an emergency though.  You can get in big trouble if you call it for fun.  Just like George.

J:  Why?

me:  The number is only for people that need help.  If they said the emergency workers for someone just having fun then someone that really needed help might not get it.

J:  Why?

me:  They would be busy seeing if you needed help and the person that really needed help would be waiting and waiting for them?

J:  Why?

me:  The emergency workers have to check and make sure there isn’t really an emergency if you call, so they will come to you  instead of someone else.

J:  Why?

me:  That is their job

J:  They come when you call 991?

me: no 911.

J:  Why is it 911?

me:  That is the number that they picked for emergencies.

J:  why?

me:  I don’t know.  I bet Dad knows.  Let’s ask him when he gets home!!!!!

Yes, that is just a short glimpse into the never ending questions I go through every day.  My dad line at the end is a favorite when I just can’t go on.

This leads me to a blog post I just read and thought I’d share because I found it interesting!


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