Make it Monday – Rubbings

I love being outside – but I hate yard work!  If you’ve ever been to my house, you could probably guess as much.  So, little by little, I’ve been trying to get my overgrown garden under control.  It is really tough on a busy street with two little ones.  My neighbors don’t seem to have the same problem as I do, however, as their yards are lovely, so I’m open to other good excuses if you have any!

So, the boys are coming out with me and helping me to collect weeds and debris in my yard bags.  To make it fun, they are on a special mission to find the coolest items for making rubbings.  We will continue this until they catch on that they are doing work.  After each rubbing we can talk about what didn’t come out clearly, and what we want to try to get more of to rub again.

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