Make it Monday – Bird’s Nest

While walking in a local city last week, we spotted a bird building a nest above a sign on a building.  In fact, we noticed it because the bird was dropping quite a few twigs right where we were walking.

Watching this, but having a bit of an obstructed view led to the questions, “How do birds make nests?” and “Is it easy to make a nest?”  I wasn’t sure I could really accurately answer these questions, so I said we would find out.

We did a bit of research on how birds build nests.  It turns out different birds build nests differently.  So, I took a guess at what kind of bird we saw that day, and we looked into how that bird built its nest.

Next, we saw if we could build a nest with things we could find in our yard.  We spoke about how it would probably be more difficult to build it without hands like birds do.

Anyhow, the nest isn’t pretty, but we made it.  Just wanted to share to show that sometimes not being able to answer a question can end up being better than knowing all of the answers!


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