Weekend Activity – Easter Eggs

We played with plastic Easter eggs this weekend.  We’ve played with them over the past few weeks, but I finally got some pictures.

Some eggs were put in cartons for the boys to open and play with.  I wish we had the cardboard cartons too, but right now, this is all we have.  It just gave them a chance to explore, sort, and rearrange them.  I think their favorite part was spilling them out and pretending they broke.

I also filled some eggs with different items, and had Joe sort them by what he thought was inside.  We’ve done this a few times with a few different materials, and I think the sounds from the oatmeal, marble, and dried black beans are the most fun and the most distinctive.  You don’t need to tape the eggs, we didn’t every time, to allow the boys to look inside, but we did this time because they were particularly cheap eggs.

I left the actual materials that filled the eggs out so they could be explored as  well.  When he sorted, Joe placed the egg next to the material he thought was inside each time.  When we were done sorting, we all sang and used the eggs as shakers for our songs.  The favorite was:

Shake it baby, shake it

Shake it if you can.

Shake it like a milkshake,

And drink it if you can.

Rumble to the bottom,

Rumble tot he top,

Then turn around and turn around

Until you make a STOP!


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