Make It Monday – Vacation Journal

When I was a kid, I remember journaling during vacations.  I don’t know if my parents made me do it, or if I was just that weird kind of kid, but I remember doing it.  When I went to England as an adult, and was engaged there, I was glad that I had been keeping a journal.  Now, with kids, it is difficult to remember to journal on vacation.  So, when we went to Florida last month, I took pictures every day with a plan in mind.  As soon as I returned home, I uploaded all of my photos to shutterfly and started making a photobook.  I know some people are good at scrapbooking, and that would probably be a good idea for this project, but I’m not good at it, and I wanted something very durable that could be made relatively quickly.

I made this book like a children’s story book, telling the story of our trip in the third person.  I made the language simple and to the point.  My boys love it.  It is a story featuring them!  They ask me to read it often, and they talk about it. Now, Joe even “reads” it to Matthew.


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