Make It Monday – Meal Ideas – Eat your veggies

I know many parents struggle to get their kids to eat vegetables.  Below recipe ideas that can include many different kids of vegetables.  Most of these ideas were used with my husband before I had kids.  He’s more opposed to veggies than they are!  I like to also serve additional vegetables as a side for many of these.  Typically I serve a salad and/or steamed veggies as well.  There are many ideas for encouraging the behavior of eating vegetables, but this post is just to focus on actual recipe ideas.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and just do what works with kids, so here are some ideas we use to spice things up a bit.  What recipe makes your kids love to eat their veggies?

Roasted Root Vegetables are sweet and crunchy

Dip for cut fresh veggies made from nonfat plain greek yogurt mixed with dry ranch seasoning (thanks Stephenie)

Veggies in a quesadilla

Veggies in a calzone

Veggies on a pizza (also use crushed tomatoes in place of sauce)

Steamed, pureed beets used as a dip in chicken before dredging in breadcrumbs for baked chicken fingers

Macaroni and cheese with chopped tomatoes and steamed broccoli or spinach

Veggie and cheese omelet

Replace 1/2 of basil in pesto with spinach and/or kale (thanks Kim)

Soup (some of our favorites are creamy tomato, Portuguese kale, vegetarian chili, and lentil)

celery with peanut butter


homemade pasta sauce loaded with vegetables

baked potato topped with broccoli and cheese

homemade salsa as a dip for veggies

homemade guacamole as a dip for veggies

mashed potatoes with 1/2 potatoes replaced with cauliflower (also add steamed spinach or cauliflower)


4 responses to “Make It Monday – Meal Ideas – Eat your veggies

  1. Love these ideas! Some I eat as an adult. I think it is important to try to make food fun for kids too and the colors of bright veggies help with that. I definitely want to try to Greek yogurt dip! I make ranch dip all the time, so this is such a good idea and healthier than using sourcream.

  2. Stephenie, great call! I made that from a Cooking Light recipe once, and added spinach. Mike, who refuses to eat anything from the squash family, loved it! He had no idea! The only thing that stopped me from making it again was the fact that it was quite labor intensive. I’ll have to check out that recipe and see if its easier.

  3. Last night I made a broccoli & Spinach pesto. Not only is it a great & unique way to eat your veggies it’s a even better way to “Sneak” them in as our children get older and despise veggies. 🙂

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