Thoughtful Thursday – Letting Go

“Put a hat on that kid!”

A young man, probably in his early twenties called to me as he walked by my son.  We were outside a strip mall.  My son’s hat was in the car.  He had refused to put it on, so I just brought it and told him he could have it if he was cold.  It was better than tears and screams and a fight that morning when we were running late.  Comments like this are not uncommon.  If you are a mom, you are probably aware that apparently our profession is the only one that any passerby is permitted to criticize at any time without knowing any details.

I used to consider these comments often.  They used to dictate my plans and how I would react to things.  It is something I am working on.

My son wore 2 different color socks today.  He had long pants and sneakers on, and someone still managed to spot it and make a comment.

Have you ever let your child do something irresponsible?  Something even more irresponsible than wearing two different color socks?  Something that they might even learn from, but may have some negative consequences?  I have, and its something I’m working on doing more of.  I’m working on letting go of what other people think, or what they may think.  I’m doing it for my kids.  I’m doing it so when we leave the library to go home, and there’s snow on the ground that’s been pushed into a “mountain” in front of the car, and my son only has sneakers on, and no gloves, and he asks if he can climb the mountain, I can say yes.


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