Weekend Activity – Listen to your spouse!

My husband is great at many things.  He is very smart and very compassionate.  I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else.  We work at our marriage, and we think about ways to make our marriage and home life run smoothly.  One of the things we have always done is divide responsibility.  There are many things that he is better at than I am, and I am glad that I have him to take on those areas of living.  I also have responsibilities that just make more sense for me to shoulder.  Two things that I am responsible for are gift buying and planning activities with the kids.  However, Mike broke into my areas recently when he came shopping with me.  We just had to stop to pick up a few things on the way home, and Mike spotted a GO FISH game on sale for $1 (Mike loves good deals – which I think is one of the reasons I am in charge of shopping).

I told him we don’t need any more toys, we are full, and that Joe probably wouldn’t understand how to play the game anyhow.  Mike stuck the game in the cart anyhow, and I decided not to make a big deal of it, but secretly thought in my head, “he’ll see…I’m right.”

Before I knew it, Mike had taught Joe how to play the game, and the two of them were having a blast.  I couldn’t believe it.  With a little tweaking of the rules, Mike managed to play several rounds with Joe, and they both were enjoying themselves.  It’s hard to not always be right, but letting go a little really was worth the smiles on these faces.

So….maybe listen to your spouse this week and do something you wouldn’t have thought would work out.  You married them for a reason after all!




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