Weekend Activity – I’m BAAACK!

Hi readers!

I decided to take a break for Christmas and New Year’s, but guess what?  I’m back!  Thanks for hanging in there!

I have so many new things I’m excited to post about, and have been gathering ideas over the holidays.

So, this weekend…

Joe got a new bike for Christmas.  He LOVES it.  It’s a balance bike, and while he hasn’t quite figured out the balance part yet, he is getting faster.  Still, he’s so little, it will be a while before we can ride bikes together.  So, tomorrow we are going to our favorite bike riding place (the tennis courts), and he will have his bike, his little brother will have his walking toy, and I will have my feet.

He’ll ride his bike, and I’ll “chase” him.  He can choose if I chase him with giant steps, baby steps, skipping steps, walking backwards, or running.  (Choose whatever ways interest your child, and give them the amount of choices they can handle).  I will start from the same spot each time.  This gives him a chance to experiment.  “Which way does mom catch up to me the fastest, slowest, funniest, etc.”  “Do I like it when she catches me?”  “How does my riding change the amount of time it takes her to catch me?”

We’ll also set up an obstacle course with things we can find outside the tennis courts (cleaning up afterwards, of course).  He can be the designer and tell me what to find and where to put things.



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