Thoughtful Thursday – Children’s Homemade Christmas Gifts

I love Christmas with small children.  Probably my favorite part is that everything is new to them.  Everything seems magical.  They have no expectations.  They don’t have a list they’ve been thinking about.  Joe’s memory of Christmas last year is pretty cloudy.  He knows it’s Jesus’s birthday, that there’s a tree and some lights involved, but that’s it.  He’s pretty excited about it.  We decided to be very limited and frugal with gifts.  Each boy will only get 2 gifts and we’re going homemade.  Now, I’m not real talented with DIY projects.  I love easy, so if I can do it, you can do it.  We don’t have a great deal of money this year, and frankly we don’t want them to get to a point where they are expecting oodles of presents every Christmas.

So, here are some ideas I’ve gone through both for this Christmas and other occasions in creating gifts.  Hopefully you will find something your child may like as well.

1.  This toy was featured in a previous post.

2.  A photo album with pictures of loved ones or loved items, like this one from a previous post:

3.  Create an interactive visual to go along with a favorite song, such as 5 Little Monkeys, another previous post:

4.  My friend Kim painted wooden clothespins (not the spring kind) to look like people.  She has a whole family of people!

5.  Make a color sort game.  Paint stones different colors, and paint the inside of a cardboard egg carton those colors.  Child places stones in the correct pockets.

6.  Getting a new cell phone this Christmas?  Wrap up your old cell phone for your child!   (make sure the service is cancelled first!)

7.  Make a memory game by ordering double prints of your favorite pictures.

8.  Fill balloons with flour.

9.  Cardboard box house (and garage)

10.  Bean bags.

11.  Fishing game – Cut out different color fish, laminate, attach a paper clip to each mouth.  Attach a string to a stick and tie a magnet to the end.  I also use overhead projector markers to write numbers or letters on the fish after they’re laminated (you can wipe off and rewrite), so it is also a matching game.

12.  Play dough

13.  Musical Instruments:

14.  Felt boards

15.  Gather old keys, and put them on a safe ring for baby to play with.  (sanitize in boiling water first)

What are your ideas????


4 responses to “Thoughtful Thursday – Children’s Homemade Christmas Gifts

  1. My thought was to sew little felt animals based on Martha Stewart patterns and something called Mister Bluebird – and the sewing has commenced, but not yet the sewing of toys. The Babby will get so many things from family this year, it actually doesn’t make much of a difference whether we make anything or not 😉

  2. My children loved hand made puppets out of socks !! You can use old socks or buy a new pair – I remember and orange giraffe that I made that was a big hit. Definately was one of a kind. Also it is fun to make ornaments out of clothes pins and felt scraps.

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