Weekend Activity – Family Stuff

We’ve been enjoying a long weekend with Dad home.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends, and I’ve been kept pretty busy with our family.  So, for this weekend’s activities, I decided not to be too wordy (which I know I tend to be) and just show you.  Burying things in leaves and sensory box of dried beans with measuring cups and containers with lids.



3 responses to “Weekend Activity – Family Stuff

    • Great question! Personally, I say beforehand that if anyone is taking the materials out of the tub, then we will be all done and try again later. Accidental spills are fine, but I have the spiller clean it up. If only one kid is the problem, he will stop playing. You could also place a large sheet or table cloth under the box (good on laundry day), and allow spills, but only on the table cloth, but encourage them to also put the items back in the box.

      • Ok, after doing this activity a few more times, I’d like to add that another great way to avoid a big mess is to model appropriate and fun ways of playing with the materials. If there is only a great reaction from the adult when the materials are spilled everywhere, they will continue to be spilled everywhere. If you model and encourage appropriate play, and react to that, the child is more likely to repeat it. Also, if you decide to end the activity because of inappropriate behavior, remaining calm and simply picking it up and putting it away might prevent the behavior in the future.

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