Weekend Activity – Fall

Maybe I have been getting too much into fall lately.  I guess I just love this season.  Everything looks too beautiful to stay inside.

If you can go outside, the leaves around us are just beginning to fall, so many of them are still vibrant colors.  Collecting the most beautiful leaves you can find is an activity in itself.  What can you do with them once you’ve collected them?

– Place the leaves on a table under a piece of paper.  Rub crayons over the paper, and the leaf shapes will appear.

– Make leaf prints by painting the underside of the leaf and pressing it onto paper.

– Place the leaves in order of size across the floor.

– Sort the leaves by shape (what kind of leaves do you have?  from what trees?)

– Cut out the inside of a paper plate and paint the remaining outer rim (I like red).  After the paint has dried, glue leaves to it to make a wreath.

– Preserve your best leaves in wax paper.

– OR JUST JUMP IN THEM!  (my favorite)

Also, just wanted to recommend some great fall books we’ve been reading:

Fall Leaves Fall by Zoe Hall

-This is a great simple book about the season, and the last page describes and illustrates what leaves are like in each of the four seasons.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams

-This book has lots of repetition and great use of sound and movement that is really appealing to the very young.

Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley

– This book is very cleverly put together and gives the child a sense of empowerment over something that could be scary.  (Tell the monster to go away and he will).

OH- and also, just a side note.  Looking for books in a library is not easy with kids in tow.  I have been loving using the online database that my library has to order books that I know I want, both for the kids and myself.  Then we can go and enjoy the library, and pick out what we like, and the books I needed are right at the desk waiting for me when I’m ready to checkout.

Happy Weekend!


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