Thoughtful Thursday – Environment

We recently went on a weekend vacation with our little cherubs.  It was a great time away with good friends.  The thing I missed most while on vacation?  Our baby proof areas.  The home was pretty safe in general, but I felt I really had to keep on top of our 11 month old.  Our two year old was a little easier to manage, but still not as easy as home.

I have mentioned before that the less you need to reprimand, the more meaningful the reprimand.  Having your home, or at least parts of your home set up in a way that is safe for your child to explore will give you less reason to discourage the natural play and exploration that your child needs to learn.  This kind of setup also allows you to relax while you engage with your children because you know they will be safe.  Your calmness can be contagious.

Tomorrow I am traveling to my parents’ home, which is really not set up for young children.  Hopefully more people to keep them engaged will keep them out of trouble, but we will see.

Next week I plan to make one more room baby proofed.  This means more opportunities for relaxed play.  Do you have a child that may begin moving soon?  If you need help figuring out how to baby proof a room, I am willing to lend out my 11 month old.  He is an expert at finding dangerous and/or breakable things in any room.  I think he has a built-in radar.  Also my two year old can come along to see what his brother is getting into, and help him.

Seriously though, check out this website for tips:




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