Weekend Activity – Sensory Time

We have had the whines lately.  What do I do when things start getting whiny in my house?  Sensory time!

Think about what you like when you feel stressed out and are feeling like whining yourself.  Do you enjoy a massage?  What about laying out in the warm sun on a hammock or listening to the waves at the beach?  Do the pressure and stretching that come with doing yoga help you relax?  Perhaps a sinful piece of chocolate?  Maybe some aromatherapy or a bubble bath?  These are all sensory experiences that are appropriate for adults.  What about kids?

Above you see a picture of my boys playing with cold wet spaghetti.  Gross?  Yeah!  Just what they needed on a rainy, whiny day.

Here are some other sensory experiences you can share with your children this weekend.  This is your chance to get your child sensory on without judgement.  Jump in!

– Play dough!  Don’t have any?  Check online for a bunch of easy recipes.  Most just require flour, salt, water, and cream of tartar.  It’s nontoxic and doesn’t taste great.  You can use tools, but just squeezing and rolling can be therapeutic.

– Cornstarch and water mixed.  You have to play around with the ratio.  It makes a substance that is solid but melts with the warmth of your hand.

– Listen to soothing music while you teach your child some of the easier yoga poses.  Cat, camel, and child are easy and relaxing.

– Fill a plastic tub with dry rice, a wooden spoon, and a measuring cup.

– Find or make mud and make a mess!

– Feeling really adventurous?  Fill an inflatable child’s pool with pudding and go in with just your underwear or diaper!  Make with coconut milk for children under 1.

– Hug!  Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!

– Make a room really dark and play with flashlights.

– Make cookies and mix with your bare hands.

– Sing songs!

Don’t worry about talking or teacher.  Be calm, take it easy, and enjoy!  If the child is hating the experience you aren’t helping anything by making them continue with it.  You could enjoy it to show them what fun it can be while they watch.  If they still don’t want to do it, move on.


2 responses to “Weekend Activity – Sensory Time

  1. That is awesome. We know things that make us feel better when we are whiny and it is almost harder for kids because their needs are so much different than ours and may not know what they want to feel better. These are such great ideas! It’s funny too, because I have a whiny class this year and sometimes I just throw some music on, or we dance, tell stories, or even play with sticky notes to calm down.

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