Thoughtful Thursday – Sleep

Sleep is something we often miss as parents of young children.  When my first son was born, I was lucky.  He was a big healthy boy that loved to sleep.  I hadn’t read any sleep books, I just tried to read his cues and make sure he had enough to eat, and very early on he started sleeping through the night.  He’s 2 1/2 now and besides a few hiccups here and there, has continued his love of sleep.

My darling second son, however, did not love sleep quite as much as his older brother.

The method referred to often as “cry it out” made sense to me, especially before having children.  However, when it came to my child, and me listening  to his crying, I didn’t know that I could handle it.  Many friends told me how well it worked for them, but something about it struck a cord with me, and I just felt it was not right for us.  I decided however, that the “no-cry” solution just would not logically work for us either.  So….I went to the library.  I browsed their books on sleep and chose one mainly for its title, “The Sleepeasy Solution: The Exhausted Parent’s Guide to Getting Your Child to Sleep.”

The book didn’t take me long to read and not only did I love its philosophy, but I also loved that it made many allowances for different situations.  It has ideas for kids up to age 5 and includes nights, naps, and many different sleep problems,  situations and family beliefs.  I should say I am not being paid for writing this review, I am just writing it because I have had several months now of fantastic sleep.  My boys sleep in the same room, and most nights they both sleep from 7:30 PM to 7 AM.  Sleep has made a world of difference in my life.  We went from waking 2-3 times at night for nursing to not waking at all for 11 hours in just 4 nights.  The methods the book gave for night time weaning and bed time routine made a great deal of sense, and were customizable.

The bottom line really is that we all needed sleep.  My husband and I needed it to be the best parents we could, and my son needed it to grow and process his days.  Sleep is a difficult topic for so many, and I know that every child is different, but if you are a parent that has tried many things and just needs to sleep, I’d totally recommend this book to you.  You should check it out yourself if you are interested, especially because you can do the methods in different ways to meet your needs, but I would be happy to let you know what worked best for us.


One response to “Thoughtful Thursday – Sleep

  1. Great post, Jess! I just forwarded this to my brother & sister in law as they have sleep issues with their second child too. Thanks for sharing!

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