Make It Monday – Stuff around the house – baby edition

When my first son was around a year old, I made a toy for him.  He LOVED it.  Now, my youngest is using the same toy.  It cost me nothing to make, but for some reason is a huge hit.  The two of them even use it together.  What is it?

So so easy…

Grab an extra empty wipe tub.  I like our Huggies sensitive one because  the place you put your fingers is rubbery.

Grab a bunch of clean assorted lids from your recycling bin.

Voila…instant toy.  I don’t know why my sons have spent hours putting the lids in and taking them out again, but they have.   Thanks to my dear friend Jacq L. for giving me this idea.

Don’t have a wipes container but need something right now to keep the baby happy so you can just clean the bathroom?

Stick them in the empty tub with a box of tissues.  I know this is wasteful, so don’t do it often, but boy did my boys love that!!!


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