Thoughtful Thursday – Thoughtless Thursday

Dear Readers,

I appreciate you.  It makes me feel great that there are people out there that take time out of their day to read my little blog.  In the past week, a few of you have told me that you read this blog, and I think I didn’t convey to you how grateful I really am.  Probably because I was embarrassed and perhaps even surprised that you would bother to read it.  So thank you!

Now, why thoughtless Thursday?

I have not posted for a week because I thoughtlessly left the power cord for my laptop at my parents’ house, and haven’t been able to retrieve it until today (thanks Dad for meeting me).  Forgetting it made me think about  all of the other things I can be thoughtless about.  Things that I never would have forgotten about before having children.

Just to name a few:  I have told friends I would call them at a certain time and blown them off on several occasions.  I have left perfectly good food out of the refrigerator all night.  I have told people they could borrow things, but never actually gave them the things (many many times).  I have borrowed things that I haven’t returned…the list goes on and  on and on.

So thinking of this reminded me of something that happened when I was pregnant with my first.

I worked as a teacher until the day I was in labor with my son.  The school psychologist was also my direct superior.  She was fantastic and very helpful, and very understanding when I began to be a bit less organized that I was, once I was into my 7th, 8th, and 9th months of pregnancy.  She gave me an article from one of they psychology journals she had about a pregnant woman’s brain.  According to that article, the brain of a pregnant woman begins to change so that it can be more effective as a mother’s brain.  I’m not a neurologist, so please excuse the crude summation of the article.  It said that the part of the brain that controls the “now” becomes much more capable and active, which makes the longer term memory and future planning parts more difficult to access.  Apparently this helps a new mother to focus on her child’s needs moment by moment rather than be distracted by what has and will happen.

I don’t know if  any other mothers feel this way, but I totally get that.  I can nurse while I help my other child get dressed and listen to the radio with no problem at all.  However, if I had something in the oven but didn’t put the timer on, we will be having cereal for dinner.

The good news about this article was  that it said that a woman’s brain isn’t permanently altered.  It eventually goes back to normal functioning.  The really good news is that it said women that go through this pregnancy brain-alteration tend to have sharper minds at older ages.

So go ahead, make fun of me now for overflowing the bathtub.  I will have the last laugh.


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