Make It Monday: Photo Album

Yikes!  It’s Monday!  The weekend got away from me!  Here’s what to make today:

Get a durable photo album with two photo slots per page. One above and one below. We found our album at a local thrift store. Collect or take pictures of individual family members and friends. Place each photo in the above slots and in large clear letters, print the names of these people on index cards and place them below their photo. Read the book to your child. Don’t worry about filling up the whole album at once. Do what you can, and add more as time goes on. Also consider adding photos of favorite items or rooms in your house to the book. Make sure you include your child’s picture and name.

For children learning their letters, make copies of the index cards and let children match them. For older children, remove the index cards and have children replace them with their matching pictures.

Skills: pre-reading


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