Weekend Activity: Color Stone Sort

Joe loves stones. Mostly, he enjoys picking them up and throwing them. I took him to the playground, and we collected about 30 stones, all about 1 inch in diameter. When we came back, we used our squeeze n’ brush paints outside to paint the stones. I only gave Joe one color at a time, so the stones wouldn’t be multicolored. As he painted the stones, I painted the inside of an egg carton, one color for every two egg slots. The paint was then left to dry, and we hosed off and went inside.

We now have a new sorting by color toy. Between yesterday and today, Joe has sorted the stones probably 25 times. We also used to play “say the color you want” to practice speech. I’d hold up two colors and Joe would say which one he wants (and we tried to figure out what he said, then repeated the correct pronunciation back to him), and we gave him that stone.

It’s a fun game, and I think Joe particularly liked it because he knew he helped to make it.
Skills:  Fine motor, speech, math

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