Bonus – bored!

We’ve been stuck  inside all day today because of the terrible weather.  It’s just me and the kids, and I think we’re starting to get a little tired of each other.  Being stuck inside with a toddler can sometimes make them cranky, especially if you can’t devote too much time to planning activities with them because you’re busy caring for a baby as well.  So, I’m sending out this re-post of stuff to do if you’re stuck inside and sick of playing with the same old toys.  Hopefully you are all safe in this storm, and these activities can help you get through the rest of it.

1.  We’re taking a empty, clean, clear soda bottle and adding to it: water(1/3 bottle), food coloring, beads, glitter, and baby oil(1/3 bottle).  We’ll do it together, and then he can have fun shaking the bottle and watching what happens after it sits for a bit.  (We’ll make it together, then he can play on his own while I get other things done.)

2.  I’ll lay a tablecloth on the floor.  On the table cloth, I’ll put a small plastic bin filled with uncooked rice.  I’ll give Joe measuring spoons, cups, a sand shovel, and a funnel to use in the rice.  We’ll count while we fill larger containers with smaller containers.

3.  We’ll play one of Joe’s favorite games:  “Where’s the Frog?”  I take his stuffed frog and hide it while he waits on the stairs.  When I tell him to find it, he’ll come in and look for it.  I give hints if he gets stuck.  This game is good for teaching prepositions (on, in, behind, under, etc.)

4.  I’ll take an empty pillowcase and fill it with some small stuffed animals.  We’ll take turns picking a stuffed animal out, and then pretending to be that animal.

5.  We’ll trace mom’s, Joe’s, and baby Matthew’s feet on paper.  We’ll decorate the feet and talk about small, medium, and large.  Then we’ll read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and talk about size again.

These are mostly ideas I’ve heard of or read in other places, so I can’t take credit.  Good luck!  Let me know how it goes!


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