Weekend Activity – Door Signs

I’m sure your child never says “mine,” but you’ve probably heard other kids say it, yell it, whine it, or shout it.  Help your child create something that not only is theirs, but helps mark their territory.  Cut some pictures out of magazines (or if the kids are old enough, and the magazines are appropriate, let them do it), and let them select pictures that represent items or activities they enjoy.  Put their name on a piece of paper (or let them do  it with marker or letter stickers), and let them use a glue stick to attach their chosen pictures to the paper.

When they’ve finished, let them tell you the story of their pictures.  Help them count how many pictures they’ve chosen.  They can hang it on their door to let everyone know that they sleep there, and the room belongs to them  (we share rooms here, so we have 2 signs hanging on each door).  Use it as an incentive on those “difficult to get to bed nights.”  Instead of saying “time for bed,” say, “show me the pictures on your door and tell me about them.”  On those really rough nights you could even have them say goodnight to all their favorite things, or pick which one they want to dream about.

Skills:  fine motor, pre-reading


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